Resident Relocation

During the construction of new buildings at the Bunker Hill Apartments, current residents will be relocated. To help with this process, the development team is partnering with Housing Opportunities Unlimited, a company with experience relocating over 16,000 tenants at over 150 subsidized mixed-income communities across the country. 

Guiding Principles 

All residents who want to return will be able to do so.

One-for-one replacements will made available for all 1,100 units of public housing in the current Bunker Hill Apartments. 

Prioritize Senior Housing

Senior housing will be prioritized during the first phase of re-occupancy so that elderly residents will largely experience only one move, directly into a new unit. 

Residents who relocate first will have first priority to move into a new unit. 

If a resident is temporarily relocated to a residence off-site, they will have first priority to move into new units as they are finished after construction. 

Your Options

Pending HUD Disposition approval, your options for relocation may include:

  • Transfer to an on-site vacant unit
  • Transfer to another unit within the BHA portfolio
  • Subject to availability, obtain a Section 8 mobile voucher and lease a unit in the private market
  • Move directly into a redeveloped unit
  • Purchase a home

Process Overview

HOU will:

  • Determine relocation needs and preferences of each eligible resident through comprehensive relocation survey
  • Provide relocation advisory services and explain all available relocation assistance
  • Provide relocation advisory services in household's primary language
  • Offer and provide transportation to locate replacement housing
  • Identify comparable replacement housing
  • Provide minimum of 120-days written notice to vacate prior to requiring possession of unit
  • Reimburse for moving and associated expenses
  • Follow up with relocated households to ensure successful transition to new community