One Charlestown Unveils New Ways to Stay Informed and Updated on Development


Avenues for public information include weekly one Charlestown “office hours,” enhancements to and new social media program

CHARLESTOWN – February 23, 2017 - Corcoran-SunCal, developer of the One Charlestown housing community, today announced several new and enhanced opportunities for the public to learn about the redevelopment of the Bunker Hill Apartments.

These initiatives include weekly in-person “office hours” with members of the development team, engagement opportunities through One Charlestown’s newly activated Facebook and Twitter accounts, and further additions to the project’s website – Together, these steps represent an even greater level of transparency and accessibility for One Charlestown, as the team continues to review and integrate community feedback into the development process.

“The vision for one Charlestown is still evolving. While considerable community input has been incorporated to date, the development team is hard at work processing additional community feedback and expects to release a revised plan sometime this spring,” said Corcoran Jennison Associates President Joe Corcoran.

Going forward, every Thursday, from 1:00 to 3:00 at the Charlestown Tenant Task Force Office, 76 Monument St, a member of the One Charlestown development team will be available to answer questions and provide information to any interested member of the public that chooses to stop by.

“Everyone is welcome. One Charlestown is a great story that is unfolding and we want to share it,” Corcoran said. “It’s an excellent opportunity for residents to ask questions and have a conversation about the future of this historic community. We want to make sure that the conversation continues and that accurate information is being shared by providing platforms for people to engage.”

On Twitter and Facebook, meanwhile, visitors can find daily updates on technical details, new features, and guiding philosophies of the One Charlestown project, supplemented by links, images, and document uploads. Additionally, members of the development team are regularly monitoring the pages and will answer questions posted by members of the public. Curious visitors can access these pages via and and immediately begin posting their questions and comments. Visitors are also encouraged to like or follow these pages and accounts to stay continually updated.

The website for One Charlestown,, has been a valuable source of information such as design documents, renderings and project summaries. The development team will be adding new information as the contours of the project change in response to resident feedback that was solicited through public hearings sponsored by the BPDA and Corcoran-SunCal.

“We believe that developing a project of this size and scope isn’t a private process, but rather a conversation between the development team and Charlestown residents,” said Corcoran. “The tools we’re introducing and revamping now will help facilitate that conversation and, we believe, lead us to a common ground and to the best outcome for the neighborhood.”


About Corcoran-SunCal

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