ONE CHARLESTOWN is the complete redevelopment and revitalization of the Bunker Hill Apartments, transforming New England's largest federal housing project into 13 blocks of mixed-income housing. The project will create new buildings and well-lit, tree-lined streets that restore important connections in the neighborhood. All 1,100 affordable apartments now on the site will be replaced, alongside new market-rate units, neighborhood shops, restaurants, and community spaces.

Built under the New Deal in the 1940s, the apartments today are geographically isolated and physically degraded. The redevelopment will bring new buildings whose design respects history, incorporates contemporary style, and reflects Charlestown's character. New neighborhood-serving retail along Bunker Hill Street and two new parks will provide amenities for all of Charlestown.

The Corcoran-SunCal team thanks all the residents who have participated in the redevelopment effort so far. We look forward to working with the entire community to continue to envision and build "One Charlestown."

Current Development Status

Please visit the Boston Planning and Development Agency One Charlestown website for more information about the current status of the One Charlestown project and to submit comments to the BPDA. 

Our Design Approach


A new grid will create walkable connections between the center of the new development and the rest of the neighborhood. Instead of acting as a barrier that divides, Bunker Hill Street will become a seam that unites the community. 

Tell the Charlestown Story.

Charlestown has a rich history that will be layered into the landscape design and cultural programming of ONE CHARLESTOWN. The design will connect landmarks like the Bunker Hill Monument and the Charlestown Navy Yard, and the landscape will interpret many aspects of Charlestown's history, not just the story of the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

Reflect Charlestown's Character with Architecture.

The project will complement Charlestown's fine-grained urban fabric with architecture that blends style with sensitivity to history. Multiple architects will collaborate on each new block of buildings in order to create a range of styles that reflects Charlestown's unique character.

Create a safe, walkable and inviting neighborhood.

The new sidewalks will put pedestrians first and foster social interaction among residents and neighborhoods. New streets will follow the best practices found in Boston's new Complete Streets guide. The site design will strengthen connections to the Navy Yard and Bunker Hill Street.

Design All units to the same high quality.

All units in the redevelopment will meet the same high standard of design, regardless of their designation as market-rate or affordable. As envisioned by current residents of the Bunker Hill Apartments during visioning sessions, new affordable units will feature the same amenities as those in market-rate units. 

Build two new parks, each with unique character and role.

The landscape of the redevelopment will introduce a new square that reflects the history of the site and a new common area for gathering with neighbors from all over Charlestown. 

What happens when you replace superblocks of low-income housing with small blocks of mixed-income development?

New density unlocks opportunities.

Embracing Diverse Perspectives

This very large project will address the concerns and needs of a diverse group of stakeholders. In the spirit of building "ONE CHARLESTOWN," the project is working to achieve several goals simultaneously. 

Making mixed-income housing work—economically and socially.

  • Provide the same finishes and level of quality for all units. Provide “market-rate” level amenities for everyone.

  • Create places and programming that bring together people of different incomes, backgrounds, cultures, races and other perceived differences.

  • Employ economically efficient approaches to building that enable market-rate housing to subsidize redevelopment of low-income housing without sacrificing design quality.

Creating a community that meets residents' needs and aspirations.

  • Replace “one-size-fits-all” housing with choices that respond to the full spectrum of resident diversity.

  • Provide private management and security for everyone that meets highest market standards.

  • Enhance wellness, workforce, childcare and other services that unlock opportunity and improve quality of life.

Building qualities that make Charlestown a vibrant community and a great place.

  • Design modern buildings that respect Charlestown’s historic and traditional architecture and embody its rhythms and articulation.

  • In addition to parks, offer new stores, wellness services, and other amenities that enhance quality of life for everyone who lives in Charlestown.

SHARED GOAL ACROSS ALL THREE PERSPECTIVES: Replace 1,100 existing low-income housing units and add a critical mass of market-rate housing in order to create a successful mixed-income community and unlock benefits for all of Charlestown.